The 432 EVO HIGH-END is our THIRD level model, and is a groundbreaking server offering true high end performance on a more limited budget. Many of the key elements in the 432 AEON are retained in this model. It retains the 2 x linear power supplies of the AEON and the specialized 432hz tuning. it is also upgradable at a later date for the cost difference between the higher models. 

HIGH-END: similar to AEON with 2 x Sbooster BotW mk2 linear supplies, one for server and one for usb. 2TB SSHD storage. Color: silver or black.


The word aeon /ˈɒn/, also spelled eon and æon (in American English), originally meant “life”, “vital force” or “being”, “generation” or “a period of time”, though it tended to be translated as “age” in the sense of “ages”, “forever”, “timeless” or “for eternity”. The AEON is all about time as a life force, the music “being” here. It all boils down to timing. 

High-end USB3 clock + modified USB3 interface

The AEON model features a dedicated low jitter clock board for the USB3 card thereby bringing the realism of the USB output to a whole new level of realism.
The clock is powered by a dedicated 9 Volt Sbooster supply which also powers the USB3 interface, and the server part is powered independently.

AEON software jitter tuning

The sound of music servers is greatly influenced by the tuning of software parameters such as buffers, kernel parameters, process schedulers, priorites, ….. This is a domain that is generally not well understood among developers as it is difficult to measure and quantify.

432 EVO implements techniques from the supercomputing world inside the 432 EVO AEON to guarantee a stellar audio performance:
• Audio decoders and 432 Hz processing run on a dedicated core, and will never run out of cpu cycles or have to fight with other processes
• Dedicated audio core runs a custom clock scheduler which doesn’t interrupt the critical audio processes 1000 times per second, greatly improving software jitter, as process switching is minimized.
• Contrary to certain beliefs, a realtime process scheduler adds more aggressive process switching, which is NOT what is used in the 432 EVO. Realtime is nice for low latency, but the lower the latency the more software jitter can be measured using our very sensitive measurement setup.
• Dedicated audio core is not used by any other processes and uses a non aggressive gentle task scheduler, in facts only 2 processes run on the audio core.
• The linux operating system and all other linux tasks run on another core, which has the default task scheduler.
Furthermore chipset parameters were tuned, in order to disable certain parts of the chipset that influence the sound.

Spring Suspension System
Most music servers on the market use cheap 3.5″ green drives from manufacturers such as WD. While these drives claim to be low noise, they still have (seek) noises that can be heard from 10ft (3 meters). To quiet such a drive they are typically put in an enclosure which is decoupled from the music servers case by rubber bumpers. Unfortunately, this solution still passes vibration to the case.

The 432 EVO AEON version solves these problems in a completely innovative way:
1. No 3.5″ drives are used, but only the more expensive 2.5″ notebook drives are used in all 432 EVO models
2. These ultra low noise low power consumption 2.5″ drives are than suspended on a custom inhouse built platform that features a spring suspension system
no microphonics are passed from the HDD back to the enclosure (AEON and HIGH-END versions only)
The difference with and without spring suspension is so big that we already had customers with the previous top model upgrading to the current state, including the spring suspension system.

RAM Playback
The AEON version adds RAM playback. We use a technique that works on the fly: when a new music file is played, the file is read into memory in a fraction of a second. It has been implemented in such way that it does not add delays and does not break gapless playback.
By reading the whole file as one big chunk of data, we eliminate further access on the SATA bus. In terms of sound quality, RAM playback relaxes the sound.

Oversized Linear Power Supply 
The 432 EVO AEON is powered by a dual Sbooster BOtW supply

The 432 EVO AEON version now has a dual-end linear power supply, with separate DC rails for the server and the high-end USB 3.0 audio board. This is again one step higher than the HD-PLEX power supply where both 12V and 9V output voltages required by our high-end model were shared via one transformer. Now each voltage has a separate supply. The server part of the 432 EVO AEON consumes about 1 amp at 12V, which is a third of what the supply can provide. For the audio part, the 9V supply consumes a fraction of what the supply can do.

High-end USB 3.0 Audio
The AEON model includes a high-end USB 3.0 interface, which is backwards compatible with all USB 2.0 dacs, offering superior sound than any onboard USB outputs. The AEON has a dedicated superclock board that feeds the master clock into the USB3 card, whereas the HIGH-END model does not have this superclock. The card receives a dedicated feed from the linear supply, completely isolating the power from the server. The EVO AEON includes wiring guides to make setup a very easy process.

The 432 EVO AEON can be ordered in silver or black.
Dimensions (Music server): 435 x 325 x 60mm (W x D x H)
• USB class 3.0 output and HDMI audio
• Rip CD’s as (uncompressed) flac using quality TEAC drive
• Full access to music collection on HDD (no added DRM)
• Plays almost all formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, WMA, MP3, ….
Output Resolutions
PCM files bitperfect, from CD 16/44.1 up to 32/768 kHz and DXD
or output any PCM files played at 432 Hz, in the following rendered resolutions:

Output PCM files as bitperfect, from CD 16/44.1 up to 32/768 kHz and DXD 
or output any PCM files played at 432 Hz, in the following rendered resolutions: 
16/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/192, 24/352.8, 24/384, 24/705.6, 24/768
Output DSD files bitperfect as DoP or render them as PCM with 432 Hz conversion, in the following rendered resolutions:
 16/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/192, 24/352.8, 24/384, 24/705.6, 24/768

This also applies to internet radio, Qobuz, Spotify, which can be output as-is (typically 16/44.1), or with 432 Hz conversion to any output resolution

• Bitperfect and gapless playback
• Roon Core
• Spotify, Qobuz, Wimp & Tidal (will be announced soon)
• Internetradio stations, more than 10000
• Android clients: Logitech Media Controller
• Apple clients: Logitech Media Controller, iPeng, Squeezepad
• Control your 432 EVO via web browser (including configuration and playback interface)

Upgrade features
We are one of the few manufacturers where you can start with the basic model and upgrade up to the MASTER model later, for the retail difference price + shipping to and from our factory.

Información adicional
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