The 432 EVO is a world class Roon / LMS music server featuring probably the most natural and non-digital sound on the planet. It is made in Belgium and designed by the talented Frederic Vanden Poel.

In 2010 we discovered DJ Tiësto is using 432 Hz, and I never understood why his records are so popular until I tested 432 Hz myself. Geert Huinink is the producer of DJ Tiesto. You can find many youtube video’s with his compositions in 432 Hz. This is what’s got the 432 Hz ball rolling.

We studied all there is to know for days about 432 Hz, and tested the many methods as shown on the internet. We discovered the most strange theories, saw that the number 432 was everywhere in our universe, but decided to use my trained ears to do some testing.


So in 2013 after much development, we created our own unique software using 432 Hz processing. This was initially tested and demonstrated on a SOtM 1000 system. Soon, we realised we could go further and for less cost to the customer. So we began making our own server, the first one was called the 432 EVO.

2018 – 2019

Since then we have continued to develop and upgrade this already incredible machine, and now have a full suite of models at various levels:

1. 432 EVO Master
2. 432 EVO AEON
3. 432 EVO High End
4. 432 EVO High End I2S
5. 432 EVO Standard
6. 432 EVO Essence
7. 432 EVO Mini

We introduced the all new MASTER at Munich High-End 2017.

The 432 EVO MASTER is 432 EVO’s first music server with our own power supply in a dedicated matching enclosure.
More storage, sound quality improved, and independent super clock power. It incorporates all features in our previous models plus extra features that push performance to an incredibly high level.

Just like our AEON, the new MASTER is equipped with a dedicated superclock board, software jitter tuning and 432 Hz post processing, for which 432 EVO has become famous. With our MASTER model, the clock now has a dedicated linear power supply which greatly improves sound quality.

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With the upgraded OCXO clock on the USB3 output, and 2 x external linear power supplies.

1. USB3 OCXO Clocking
The AEON model features a dedicated low jitter clock board for the USB3 card thereby bringing the realism of the USB output to a whole new level of realism. The clock is powered by a dedicated 9 Volt Sbooster supply which also powers the USB3 interface, and the server part is powered independently.

2. AEON software jitter tuning
The sound of music servers is greatly influenced by the tuning of software parameters such as buffers, kernel parameters, process schedulers, priorites, ….. This is a domain that is generally not well understood among developers as it is difficult to measure and quantify.

432 EVO implements techniques from the super computing world inside the 432 EVO AEON to guarantee a stellar audio performance.

3. High-end USB 3.0 audio with dedicated superclock
4. SATA filtering
5. Software jitter tuning

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The 432 high-end version competes with leading products (for example Aurender and Lumin) at a fraction of their price.

1. AEON software jitter tuning
The sound of music servers is greatly influenced by the tuning of software parameters such as buffers, kernel parameters, process schedulers, priorites, ….. This is a domain that is generally not well understood among developers as it is difficult to measure and quantify.

432 EVO implements techniques from the super computing world inside the 432 EVO AEON to guarantee a stellar audio performance.

2. USB 3.0 audio
3. SATA filtering
4. Software jitter tuning

Final Touch Audio (FTA) is a small family company being born out of pure love and dedication to music. It combines technical proficiency with the artistic craftsmanship as each one of our products is completely made by hand. Our products are not mass produced and they are rather treated as pieces of jewelry which real connoisseurs come to appreciate.
Through years of trial and error we have perfected our designs and manufacturing principles and practices to the level when we feel confident that our products will serve you and give you pleasure in many years to come.
As we like to say there is one goal driving us forward and serving us as our purpose in the quest for sublime sound – we want to help you extract each note from your system.

Power Cables: Elara
Everything that we know, including the sound, consist of some kind of energy. In audio systems, electric energy or AC voltage is converted into DC and afterwards it is modulated into an audio signal. While doing this process we must assure that every portion of energy is collected for best audio output. Having that into consideration we have created Elara power cable. The main focus of our power cable is to have less energy loss and to provide the best audio output.

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Ethernet Cables: Matis
Despite the common thinking and belief that Ethernet cables do not and cannot make an audible difference transferring those famous zeroes and ones in audio applications we did our best to prove them wrong. As always trial is the best way to go in your decision process and we strongly believe that we achieved to create a unique Ethernet cable for which you will be able to say – Yes this makes a positive difference.

We used the best conductors and connectors available on the market, paying the utmost attention in finding the right balance between diameters of conductor and dielectric material used, while deploying the proprietary geometry of the cable. All of this was carefully and meticulously blended together in order to achieve the lowest possible interference of the cable to the speed of transferred data and lowest possible signal reflections in the cable.

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Digital Cables: Themisto

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USB Cables: Callisto
In developing the Callisto USB cable, we set ourselves a target to explore and use different types of materials than the rest of the industry is using, and set us apart from modern trends.
Sometimes deviation from current regular practices and trends might bring tangible results and our firm belief is that with Callisto USB cable we managed to achieve that. We looked into the history and laid our eyes on how the Katana swords have been produced. Special attention was given to process of forging and hammering. We decided to use a copper wire which is not purified and possesses a significant amount of Gold and Silver particles inside the wire. Wire has been mechanically treated (hammering) in order to achieve desired gauge and technical specification.
Combination of this copper wires with hand build dielectric has made Callisto USB cable to be unique product on the market in terms of materials used, build quality and as a result of those sound quality. It for sure will help extract each note from your system.

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Interconnects: Ganymede
Ganymede is a product of years of meticulous work in terms of finding the right balance of used materials and geometry which will yield the optimal aural result.
Our main objective and focus was to provide a cable that is providing an unobtrusive but still seductive sound signature. During our research and many hours spent in the listening rooms we have found that Ganymede meets the goals we have set in front of ourselves and that makes us exceptionally proud.
Ganymede interconnects are made from top of the line copper alloy which is wrapped in cotton impregnated in oil. RCA and XLR versions of cable are available while during extensive testing sessions we have found that only top of the line silver connectors are providing desired results.
Ganymede is able to convey all bits and pieces of musical information in perfect order which as a consequence gives you an opportunity to hear the music and emotions as an author intended to. Having this in mind and the fact that cable is meticulously handcrafted, this makes the Ganymede a unique product that represents a Final Touch in audiophiles’ audio system.

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STACORE is an innovative company in Poland designing and manufacturing advanced vibration control products for audio systems. Their ANTI-VIBRATION PLATFORMS and STACORE RACK SYSTEM represent a State Of The Art in passive vibration control in High End Audio.

Based on a series of real-physics solutions applied to audio, our unique products provide a highly efficient, wide-band vibration decoupling and damping for most demanding applications. The core of our platform design is our proprietary combination of a top quality, specially damped Italian slate and a lab-grade passive pneumatic suspension. All our anti-vibration platforms deliver a stable and predictable sonic improvements for any element of the audio chain: Analog and digital sources, DAC’s, pre- and power amplifiers, monoblocks and integrated designs, tubed, solid state, and hybrid equipment, and even loudspeakers.

High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for a wide range of audio applications.

The basic, yet highly efficient model, introducing our unique STACORE technology: A combination of a acoustically damped Italian slate case (the whole case is made out of stone, except for the control panel) and a pneumatic suspension, utilizing lab and industry grade air cushions. On a side panel there are three control valves, a manometer, and a car wheel valve, which enable an easy air filling with an ordinary car pump, control of the pressure and leveling of the platform. The premium quality Italian slate used in our designs has been widely known and appreciated not only in audio for its excellent vibration damping characteristics. Additionally acoustically damped by us using constrained layer damping (CLD), it provides the required mass for the pneumatics to work at its best without the pronounced self-resonances of e.g. steel constructions.

Size: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 108 (H) [mm]
Nett weight: 62kg
Max load: 65kg

Larger custom sizes available on a special request

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High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for extra heavy audio components.

Almost limitless load capability opens a chance to isolate even the heaviest audio equipment. Ideal for heavy turntables, amplifiers, monoblocks or speakers. Visually the BASIC+ platform is identical to the BASIC model. Each platform is packed in a deluxe flight case with a CNC milled foam insert to ensure a safe transport.

Size: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 108 (H) [mm]
Nett weight: 62kg
Max load: 160kg

Larger custom sizes and max load capabilities up to 1000kg available on a special request.

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High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for a wide range of audio applications.

Building on an already excellent STACORE BASIC audio anti-vibration platform, the ADVANCED model takes it to another dimension. Both literally and in sonic improvements. Our ADVANCED platform represents a unique solution on the market, offering a two-stage, wide-band vibration decoupling and damping in both audio and subsonic ranges.

Size: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 140 (H) [mm]
Nett weight: 94kg
Max load: 65kg

Larger custom sizes available on a special request.

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Made to a special order only this system represents a pinnacle in High End Audio support structure design.

It is also a form of our engineering expression and is something unseen and unheard before in High End Audio. Heavily over-engineered, precisely and laboriously hand crafted, it features some revolutionary solutions, which we introduce as the first ones in the market.

Hidden from the eye behind elegant, calm shapes of the legs is the damping system: A leg-in-a-leg construction with massive steel legs hold together with a special viscoelastic damping material. 

QUICK, RELIABLE, AND REPEATABLE PLACING As three points define a plane, placing a rack with 4 or 6 legs so that all of them have equally good contact with the floor, e.g. to prevent rocking, is a challenge we all know very well. 

Rigidity is another, apart from damping and mass, factor we wanted to achieve. At the same time we wanted the rack to be dismountable and have a modular, customizable construction.

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A universal, rigid audio equipment footer.

Massively over-engineered and beautifully hand crafted footers offering a solid support and vibration control properties. Each footer is a combination of a specially chosen stainless steel and our premium quality Italian slate in Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) configuration.

As with all our products, the design is based on pure physics applied to audio. The outer steel shell provides a low impedance coupling to an audio equipment case, while the slate bottom to a support on which the equipment is placed. A specially chosen viscoelastic layer provides an interface between the two, resulting in a highly damped, rigid construction. The footers are also massive and their high and damped mass provides an additional vibration reduction mechanism.

Our STACORE CLD Footers work great both as a stand-alone product and as an efficient interface between audio equipment and our anti-vibration platforms. When used with any of our SATCORE platforms, they provide an additional sonic refinement to what the platforms do and help reveal that last bit of the audio equipment capabilities.

The dimensions: 55mm (D) x 38mm (H) Nett weight: 365g
Top mounting hole: M10
Max load: 30kg/footer

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